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Real time poll updates

All poll results are real time. Your audience anywhere on the web will always see the updated results, where ever the polls are linked or embedded. Poll results are displayed with options to share on facebook, twitter and tumblr to keep people sharing and engaged.

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Advanced customization

Multiple templates to suit all your business needs. Customize colors and branding to suit your website's design. You can integrate all types of media with your polls Images Youtube Vine Vimeo
Custom templates coming soon
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Embed and link everywhere

Embed polls on other websites or blogs or link to social media websites. Every poll is integrated with Facebook opengraph and twitter cards along with other social media websites.
Integration with Reddit and Medium coming soon

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Works on all devices

All poll templates are completely responsive. Create a poll today and see how it works on your device
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Analyze more with Advanced Analytics

Each poll, survey and quiz comes with advanced analytics that help you discover your audience. Sign up to access your Analytics Dashboard.

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